20 Shadow Work Journal Prompts to Get You Started On Your Spiritual Journey

What is “Shadow Work?” 

Shadow work is a big topic, but essentially it is a journaling practice to look into your deeper self and explore the deepest parts of yourself. By exploring these deep, dark parts, shadow work helps address and conquer your demons, and it is essential to be able to grow emotionally and spiritually. An example that is often used is that you only see the tip of the iceberg of yourself, there’s still a lot more to yourself under the water.

How To Do It?

Again, this is a vast topic, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed with information. To break it down, use a prompt, really think about it, and then write what you feel and what comes to mind. To start, go into as much depth as you feel comfortable. When I first started doing shadow work, I found it very difficult to go into depth, but it became easier with time. The topics didn’t get any easier, but identifying my emotions and what I was feeling and why did. 

Example: What emotion am I feeling? Why am I feeling it? What makes me feel it? When do I feel it? The “Why’s?” continue until you feel you’re at a good place to stop.

Why I love it

I am very grateful for learning about shadow work because I feel it has helped me grow as a person and let go of things. I think it has really helped in all aspects of my life. Some of these aspects are relationships with others, confidence, and anxiety. Like everyone else, I am still working on myself and growing as a person, but I hope that I can help you by sharing what I have learned. 


Shadow work is HARD. It is difficult, emotional, and sometimes shocking. Make sure to do a lot of self-care before, after, and incorporate self-care into your routine. 

20 Shadow Work Journal Prompts to Get You Started On Your Spiritual Journey 

  1. How do I feel other people see me? Do they actually see me like that or am I imagining it?
  2. What is something that has happened to my family? Do I wish it never happened? What would I change about what happened?
  3. What fears do I have? How do they affect my life?
  4. What emotion do I feel the most? What emotion do I avoid feeling?
  5. Do I have any unhealthy relationships in my life? Why do I stay?
  6. What am I most proud of? Why? What do I feel when I think of this?
  7. What is something I don’t like to do? What do I feel when I do it? Why? 
  8. Am I happy with my social life? Why? What emotions do I feel when I’m with people?
  9. How have I hurt someone? Could this have ended differently? How do I feel about this?
  10. Am I in denial? What do I tell myself that’s a lie?
  11. Do I have any bad habits? Why do I keep these habits in my life?
  12. Who is someone in my life I have not forgiven? Why? What did they do?
  13. What was the lowest point in my life? What happened? What did I do to get out of it?
  14. What is something I really enjoyed as a child? Why?
  15. What makes me happiest in life? Am I incorporating this into my life enough?
  16. How have I changed in the last two years?
  17. Who is someone I look up to? What do they do? Why do I look up to them?
  18. What are ten things I love about myself? What are five things I don’t like about myself? Why? How does this affect my daily life?
  19. Describe my personality. Is this personality the same behind closed doors? Why?
  20. If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be? Why do I want to change? Is it for myself? Why?

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