My Road Trip Essentials

Recently I went on a little road trip and thought it would be a good idea to share some of the things that made the trip a little easier. These are items I like to have accessible during the drive because it’s always annoying to stop to get something out of your packed bag.

Travel Mug

I prefer to leave relatively early whenever I am taking a road trip. I like the lack of people on the road, seeing the sunrise, and the mornings’ distinct smell. So to keep me up, I bring some coffee. When you empty that coffee, many places give a discount when you bring your own cup!


I always bring snacks because I like having the flexibility not to stop and munch on some snacks while on the road. My favorite road trip snacks are Lara Bars, some snackable fruit (grapes, apple slices, etc.), and some dried fruit chips.

A Few Spare Dollars/Change

You never know when you’ll run into an unexpected toll, so I like to keep some extra cash for some peace of mind. I keep it near the driver’s seat in an easy place to reach so I can get it out quickly.

A Water Bottle… and a Few Extras 

I love using a reusable water bottle, as single-use water bottles make me feel a little guilty. I use a Brita water bottle because, during your travels, you might stumble across some water that doesn’t taste as good as the stuff you’re used to. I also bring a few extras, just because if I only bring one, it’s gone within the first hour.

Hand Sanitizer and Mask

To me, this seems like the most obvious thing you would need, especially during these Covid-19 times we are in. But, being from New Jersey, it’s weird if you are NOT wearing a mask… but on my road trip, I have discovered that it’s weird if you ARE wearing a mask in some places. That being said, please wear a mask. Help keep yourself and others safe.


Usually, I am not one to wear sunglasses while driving, but long drives are a different story. Sunglasses make long drives easier and keep the strain off your eyes.

Notebook and Pen

I seem to always get the greatest ideas at the most inconvenient times… The shower, the car, you name it. I like to keep some paper and a pen nearby just in case I get one of these strikes of genius. 


I always have a charger in my car, but it’s just a good thing to keep on a list to make sure you remember it. 


I keep a camera with me always. A traditional camera isn’t even necessary because, on most smartphones today, the camera is pretty great. Having access to a camera lets you capture those memories. Personally, my favorite picture I’ve taken on a road trip was some pictures of cows on the side of the road.

Reusable Shopping Bag

I use a canvas Vogue bag that I received for free by purchasing a Vogue magazine. When traveling to different states, there are different rules on single-use items. For example, some areas have regulations banning plastic bags or charging for them. I find it’s always better to bring my own and do the little I can to help the environment.

Toiletry Bag 

I never pack my toiletries with the bag that contains my clothes. I like to keep it accessible, so I don’t have to dig for it if I need something. Some of the things I keep in my toiletry bag are mints, wipes, lip balm, painkillers, and a plastic bag or two. Plastic bags are essential because there is no way to predict when someone will get sick/ when you need a quick trash bag. Along with these items, I keep other standard hygiene products.

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