50 Self-Care Ideas To Keep You Living Your Best Life

Taking care of yourself is something that is so important. Taking care of yourself doesn’t always mean eating healthy and making sure you get the most intense workout in. It’s about doing things that make you feel good about yourself and your life. I have compiled a list of 50 self-care ideas for you to keep living your best life.

50 Self-Care Ideas:

1.) Read a good book.

2.) Go on a drive.

3.) Make yourself tea.

4.) Workout.

5.) Make a list of everything you are grateful for.

6.) Buy yourself some flowers.

7.) Take a shower.

8.) Turn off your phone and unplug.

9.) Do a face mask.

10.) Journal.

11.) Drink Water.

12.) Watch a movie.

13.) Go on a walk.

14.) Watch the sunrise.

15.) Play and spend time with a pet.

16.) Take a bath.

17.) Find a recipe on Pinterest and try it out.

18.) Practice visualization.

19.) Do some yoga.

20.) Watch the sunset.

21.) Stretch.

22.) Unplug and sit in silence.

23.) Meditate.

24.) Color in an adult coloring book.

25.) Have your favorite snack.

26.) Do a more in depth skin care routine.

27.) Dress yourself up.

28.) Do a photoshoot for yourself.

29.) Brush your hair.

30.) Have a dance party by yourself or with a friend.

31.) Do some doodling.

32.) Spend time with your family.

33.) Make a smoothie.

34.) Listen to positive affirmations.

35.) Write down positive affirmations. 

36.) Clean/organize your space.

37.) Make a vision board. (Canva, On paper, etc.)

38.) Cook your favorite meal.

39.) Visit your favorite place.

40.) Go buy yourself a coffee.

41.) Listen to music.

42.) Soak in some sunshine.

43.) Use/diffuse essential oils.

44.) Send someone you love a message.

45.) Do a good deed.

46.) Learn a new skill.

47.) Light a candle.

48.) Try a DIY off Pinterest.

49.) Spend time with friends.

50.) Give yourself (or go get) a manicure.

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