5 Of My Favorite Podcasts

I absolutely love Podcasts. I listen to them in the car, in the shower, before bed, and just in the background when I’m doing things. I have found it a little difficult to actually find podcasts I love and follow, so I have compiled a list of my favorites for you to check out!

1.) The Self Love Fix Podcast

The Self Love Fix Podcast is hosted by Beatrice Kamau and is a top-rated podcast. It is very popular for a reason! Beatrice is so knowledgeable and talks about finding ways to better yourself by looking into your inner child. She is really transparent and talks about her own experiences when giving advice. 

2.) Law of Attraction Changed My Life

This podcast is a MUST listen. Law of Attraction Changed My Life by Francesca Amber is arguably the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. Francesca has such an unfiltered down to earth vibe. When listening to her talk, it’s like listening to a best friend, not just any podcast. I have found a lot of comfort in her podcast when I start to worry about things that are out of my control. She explains the law of attraction so that anyone can understand and be motivated to start practicing it in their life immediately.

3.) Blogging, Unscripted 

This podcast is for you if you like blogging or like learning about building a brand/social media. Danielle Gervino hosts this podcast, and just like the title, it feels unscripted. I love that it feels like you’re just listening to a friend talk. Her podcast has taught me so much not only about blogging and social media but also about mindset. Danielle has a no BS approach and tells you things like they are. 

4.) Don’t Blame Me

Don’t Blame Me is a call-in advice podcast hosted by Meghan Rienks and her co-host, Melisa D. Monts. Sometimes the advice is questionable, but it’s a really hilarious podcast! It’s like listening in on advice you’d actually get from a friend. 

5.) Big Conversations with Haley Hoffman Smith

I initially found Haley on Tiktok and started listening to her podcast. It’s about stepping into a bigger version of yourself and how to do that. She is really well-spoken and has fantastic advice. 

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